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26 January 2011 @ 01:41 am
Call my nameless name now! 8D  
*drools at her new hot T.A.B.O.O. icon*


And I, as a Sho wifey, even though I'm in the midst of cramming for my exams (which start next week), I have to celebrate! ✩

(I already posted some drabbles over
here, btw.)

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sho? His sexy body His sexy voice His sexy rap Sex sex sex FAIL. That's it. We're always looking forward to see it (still talking about fail). But poor Sho-chan, right? He doesn't get to show his awesomeness very often... or does he?

*epic music begins*

Today, Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 (not anymore in Spain, but still somewhere around the globe), we'll be showing the shocking results of a thorough research in my HD, which lead us to find the

(Another picspam, yay! This time it's also especially dedicated to ginger001, who shares her birthday with our dear. ¡FELICIDADES!)

Sho!Win file #1: CHESUTO! (G no Arashi - episode 43)

The legendary Chesuto-man! This whole episode was full of win, so it's a perfect choice to start 8D

At first, he lost against Aiba XD But after he was allowed to go on in his place, Sho-chan showed us his real strenght!

He beat Ohno.

And then Nino, with an awesome 7-3!

MR. CHESTO WINS THE COMPETITION! (and you get some free Sakuraiba ^^)

Let's hear some words from him:

Aww, always so considerate. ♥

Hell yea, CHESUTO. You and your sweaty CHEST are made of win! (bad pun LOL).

Sho!Win file #2: The hanger miracle (Himitsu no Arashi-chan - episode 49)

When everything went smoothly in the rehearsal, we thought fail was doom to happen in the actual thing.

Especially him, poor baby.

But then, again:

HE'S MADE OF AWESOME. That's the only explanation there is. *o*

Sho!Win file #3: The Pancake Snap (HnA - episode 104)

Once again, no confidence D:


It flipped! LOL his face XD

>.< He's on the verge of fail, but...!

WINS! *phew*

*claps her hands along with Ohmiya*

Let's see it in motion:

Sho!Win file #4: Sakurai Mannequin (HnA - episodes 64, 88, 94, 101 & 106)

Forget all about the Double Parka and any sloping shoulders related incident - there's Sho!win in Mannequin Five too! In fact, there's lots of it ^^

Not only has he been chosen first,

(Not among his best outfits, in my opinion, but hey, it's win *thumbs up*)

but he has beaten all of Arashi,

(Megane!Sho = HOT.)

(I really loved this outfit~ And the title XD)

(I also love his faces when he is praised,)

(When he wins)

(And then he's so shocked doesn't know what to do or say. YAY YOU DID IT BOY! XD)

some of their guests,

(That jacket looks so good on him. <3 And if we add 2 to 67...)

(STRIKE! Those girls had the same thought with that number and the sexy beast seduced them unconsciously)

(Yeah. Just because of that. Sho rules numbers. You'll see that later.)

(It's the stripe brothers' turn)

(He's so cute he even apologizes for winning :3)

(Gahhhh! *pinches cheeks*)

and even Kanjani8.

(Kyah~ It's the noodle-haired mannequin! >o<)

(He had a good comment I agree with,)

(and several bad ones,)

(as usual. Hang in there, Sho-chan!)

(Is it bad if I go to Japan and ask for a bowl of Sho!noodles? Cause I really feel like it. XD)

(Now I'm sorry Tacchon, cause...)

(It's a STRIKE! again, yoshhhh!)


(The epic Quiz Show battle.)

(Gomen, Yoko. This was his lucky day *imitates Sho's pose* 8D)

EPIC. WIN. Period.

Sho!Win file #5: Sho papa (HnA - episodes 10 & 18)

Okay, this isn't a win like those before, but it's a good point nevertheless (and a perfect excuse to drool).

As I've said a million times already: HAVE MY KIDS, SAKURAI SHO.

*brb getting some new ovaries transplanted*

Sho!Win file #6: The unicycle genius (HnA - episode 113)

Yeah, we all made that face when you got chosen for this, bb. (or maybe this one: XD)

We were all suffering for you and trying not to imagine your upcoming fail.

I know, bb. We should have believed in you from the beginning (even though it seemed like it was gonna be painful XD).

But success is even more amazing when it comes without expectations :D

How about a Sho!circus?

Sho!Win file #7: His acting skills (part one) (HnA - episode 56)

Sometimes win is about crying. (Even though our boy shouldn't cry on his birthday, but it's a way to have a close look on those pretty eyes.)

In 52 seconds,

or even less. (Dammit, even his tears are beautiful *o*)

Sho!Win file #8: His acting skills (part two) (HnA - episode 75)

And sometimes win is about laughing. (This was actually kind of creepy XD And oh, sorry for the cap quality - the vid was blurry D:)

Yup, Nino knows.



Laughing his ass off.

Instantly serious look.

Of course he is! (Oh, ShoMaki!)

Sho!Win file #9: Sakurai champion (HnA - episode 77)

Commentator: Sakurai player gets ready to push it straight with his club.

Commentator: And he easily puts it into the hole. As expected of the sex beast Sakurai.

*standing ovation* *cheers and aplauses*

Commentator: Yes, luck is on his side. He's a champion. (OUH YEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!)

Commentator: We see him celebrating his win with his team members. Seems there will be party and champagne tonight. (YATTA!!)

Commentator: There it is! Sakurai's famous gesture! (KYAH~)

Commentator: He's on a winning streak! Congratulations, Sakurai! (THAT FACE AGAIN ♥)

Sho!Win file #10: The perfect husband (HnA - episode 94)

Sorry, Ninomiya Kazunari, but that spot is reserved for Sakurai Dasher :3 (Praying face ♥)

All true. At least they all are in my fantasy world where I'm married to him and we have this wonderful kitchen, with lots of places to... *censored*

MTE. (and LMAO again at his face)

Cutest expression ever. *pets his head*

Sho!Win file #11: Sho's are hard (HnA - episode 96)

(another excuse for drooling) THE MUSCLES. They're hard to resist.

Yup, yup, Nino sure does know about it. (Plus chipmunk face ♥)


OMG I'm divided between the chipmunk and the :Q_____________


*nod nod* He does that in our fantasy kitchen too. And then we... *censored*


And of course:


Sho!Win file #12: Don't forget he is a pro (HnA - episode 104)

(Some Sakumoto for ginger001 ^^)

Don't you just love it when he gets all shy after being praised? *__*

Sho!Win file #13: The math killer (HnA - episode 28)

Also, don't forget he's a Keio boy. :P

He can challenge you anytime. *smirk*

I don't get anything you're saying, but it's alright.

But I feel the intelligence in the air :)

Focused expression = ♥

Ganbatte, Sho-chan!

That's kid's already won, but don't mind! XD

*stares at him* I'm thinking about... *censored*

Yay, he found the solution! *proud*

Yup, yup! ^^

*gives him cookies*

Erm... yeah, let's go to the kitchen :3

Sho!Win file #14: The gesture king (Arashi no Shukudai-kun - episodes 101 & 165)

To end the picspam, something which Sho's naturally good at. ♥

Yeah, they rely on him :D

Seriously, there is lots of stuff to learn from him *.*

The master.


He deserves lots of prizes 8D


Captain no-sleeves is here!~ (Sakumoto again? xD)

Sakurai Sho.


YOU GORGEOUS PIECE OF MAN! I hope you had a great day and received lots of presents 8D Please stay as full of awesome and win and sex as usual (or even more)!
(And prepare yourself cause when I go to an Arashi concert in August I don't know what I'm gonna do to you. ♥)

I hoped you guys liked the picspam! In the end it got pretty long... but I enjoyed making it 8D I know it was too HnA based, but it seems that's the show Sho does best at XD Anyway, if you can think of other Sho!win moments (preferably on other shows) I haven't used yet, please tell me~ Perhaps I can do more Sho!Win files :)
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cry1babycry1baby on January 29th, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)
LOL, nah like at first i found him to be cool for it, but then the more i thought about it i was like "that was fucking sexy that he knew how to do it" XD

welcomes ♥