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14 June 2011 @ 02:13 am
Smells like a picspam *wink*  
So, I was preparing a post about RL stuff and a fandom recap, but since I've been watching the Arashi Training Camp vid from the new DVD again and again and it's virtually everywhere in my f-list, I thought I could add something to the spam *flails* Prepare yourselves for:

(Warning: 30+ heavy gifs under the cut, mostly Sho biased 8D)

Riida emulating Riida and presenting us his perfect ass.

This was so random, but I loved it! I just needed to make the comparison, since that 2003 madness is my favourite Arashi vid ever, together with this one from now on xDD

Sho laughing his ass off.

Seriously, I love it when he laughs like that ♥ Even if it's not something that funny (which is not the case, as that jacket has become as legendarily hilarious as the nipple t-shirts xDDD), I just can't help laughing with him until I lose my breath.

Minna laughing their asses off. :D

I wonder, who came up with the jacket thing? I guess I'll have to wait for subs to know xDD (LOL, the one Jun's holding is so similar to the one they gave him for his birthday in 2009). Anyway, poor Nino. At least in the end they let him put his tank top under that, cause he'd have frozen (and Ohno's futon was so far away from his >.<). Good thing they decided to put the fifth futon between the others :)

Cuteness overload. ♥

OMG, did anybody else had a fic idea while watching this? It reminded me of a kind of reality show, them saying their entry numbers and names xDD Sho was so gangsta, and the rest were so adorable *o* Aiba's little smile and Oh-chan's face at the end made me go "aww". And we got to see their pyjamas! I like Aiba's and Jun's ^^

Yaaay! That's Riida before going to sleep. High tension, ne :)

Entry number five. Four! Five! Four! FIVE! FOOOOOUR! xDDDD

Oh, another thing I loved from this part (too bad I can't make gifs of it) is, of course, when they played Magical Banana (it reminded me so much of a_short_cry  xD), then Aiba did his epic Italian cannon (I wanted to see that so bad!) and finally Riida made his cock impersonation. Just like an old Uda Uda special :D It was past 3am when I watched it for the first time, but I couldn't cracking up so hard I almost wet myself xDD Man, even my mom couldn't help it when I showed her LOL

Here it is, the first Ohmiya dose:

Nino tiring Ohno up...

...so he can do his business. (Hands in pockets ♥)

Brave Sho is brave. Even if Jun tries to get him more nervous ¬¬

I was so scared for him during this whole part of the video. I had a lump in my throat ;___; I'm afraid of heights too, so I know exactly how he felt, and I could feel his anxiety through the screen >.<

I was getting a bit pissed at Jun at first... But then I saw how, even though he was doing stuff to him, he was also taking care of him ^^ I liked this part, when Sho was screaming and you could hear Jun in the background, asking "Doushita?" every time. Ah, Sakumoto ♥

I was so touched by the way the rest supported and encouraged him whenever he needed it :)

LMAO, I loved Nino's face here. "Sugoi yada!"

And this face, too. ♥ "Tanoshii..." (Also, every time they showed him from behind and I could see his nape and that silver chain against his skin :3)

While Sho was scared, Nino and Aiba were having fun normally, but Jun and Ohno...

They were just crazy. Seriously, these two fear nothing o.O

And now comes one of my two favourite moments in this video:

Hi there, hun! (Jun, I see you!)

*dies laughing*

I've been talking about to this anybody who would speak five minutes to me in the last two days. xD "Hey! Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" xDDDD I just... I can't. *dies again*

LOL I also start singing random stuff when I'm in a situation like that. I remember riding on a small roller coaster years ago and singing flamenco xD Anyway, I love Jun's idea, to think he's in a Kokuritsu concert :P

DoS banchou laugher after pushing poor Sho-chan.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons my love for Sho has grown (if that's possible) after watching this ♥ The fact that, even when he knew it'd be hard for him, he still wanted to go and have fun with his friends. He even tried to show off a bit in the end, but of course it became a Sho!fail xD

Tsukareta~ Aiba imitating Sho's snores is just priceless xD

Next, let me introduce to you the awesome, wonderfully talented, astonishingly handsome pianist Sakurai Sho in his studio debut: Hatenai Sora (click to download a .wma file I ripped from the vid ^^)

Ah, I could stare at him forever. I mean, look at his profile, his hair, his lips, the muscles in his arms, his hands ♥ Actually, this got me all teary-eyed. I loved the way he was sitting straight at first but then he was playing with such passion he was almost leaning on the piano; the intense, focused look in his face while trying hard not to make a mistake; how, even though he was making such an effort and using a lot of energy, the notes came out so sweet and delicately; and that little shy smile when he was finished.

I'm so in love with this man, seriously. How could this thing happen to me? xD

He was cheered by his audience, of course ^^ Once again, they were encouraging him to go on~ Ohmiya with their gestures, Aiba humming the song, and Jun gazing at him and nodding when he was trying to reach that note. I love Arashi so much ♥

Hi, OTP! :D Oh, I forgot to mention when Sho was all shy after playing and Nino told Ohno to go and try to play Niji for the second time so he would feel better about his skills LOL

Back to the random:

Aiba: 0 - Paper that won't burn: 1. xDD

And, finally, barbecue time:

Sakumoto ♥

Juntoshi ♥

MASAKI ♥ (that killed me *o*)

Ohba ♥


The end.

OMG, I'm so tired. That took an entire afternoon and part of the night o.O I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did ^^
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Music: Hatenai Sora - Sho's piano version
a_short_cry: Arashia_short_cry on June 14th, 2011 12:28 am (UTC)
You capped all the moments I was going to cap XDD
The "Hey! Don't Touch Me!" was the best part in my eyes and I loved when Jun pushed Sho on 2...I saw it coming but it was still funny as hell

and OMG Sho+piano = OTP xDD
Ohno playing the creepy rendition of Niji was just brilliant too haha

GAH i'm gonna ramble on and on so imm make it quick...ish XD. Loved the gif of Aiba eating the mean...the tongue...oh bb the tongue XD

seriously as an Arashi fan you just ended up loving em so much more after this ^^ [and i feel flattered cause ya thought of me haha]
Write it as a dream, read it as a goal.: kyoumo_arashiayu_t on June 15th, 2011 05:24 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! There were lots of them! xD

Yeah, I was like "Poor Sho!" but I couldn't help laughing like Jun xDD

Seriously, I can get over that man, that was so touching ♥ And Ohno, OMG xD

YES, the tongue! I didn't pay attention when I was watching it first, but when I made the gif I realized how hot that actually was o.O

Of course ♥ Well, I just have this memory of us (I mean all the girls in the fanmeet) walking around the city and thinking about something to do, and then as we were waiting for the traffic lights to change I heard you behind my back saying "Why don't we play Magical Banana?" xDD So random, I know xD
a_short_crya_short_cry on June 15th, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)
Mm, i didnt see it when i watched it either but the the gif did expose it xDD

LMAO i did say that xD, I even forgot haha. And I remember not many people knew of it haha^^.