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23 December 2011 @ 01:08 am
Ayu's Dorama List of Doom  

Since 2009 was coming to an end and I was organizing many things then, I decided to make a dorama list ^^ It is basically for my own reference, but I thought It would be nice to share in case any of you is interested in reading my pointless comments before/after watching a dorama XD I'll leave this post public and I'll try to keep it updated~

LAST UPDATE: 02.01.2011

The doramas are organized as follows:
1. Category: see the cuts below/the big titles.
2. Year: this refers to the year of production, as I can't remember exactly when I watched every dorama LOL
3. Season: as they go through the year; winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I rated every dorama with 1 to 5 stars. I also included a banner for each one, and in some of them you'll find links to pics & videos. Enjoy!

Doramas I’ve watched so far (2007-present)



Ppoi! ***

Cuuute. It was short but cuuute. If you’re a Pi fan like me, you should watch this NOW. He is seriously adorable. Plus it gets an extra star for the almost-kiss between Aiba (did I mention Arashi’s Aiba was also in this?) and Pi, and Takki presenting the episodes =)



Kisarazu Cat’s Eye **

One of the strangest dramas I've ever seen, I must say. It's a mixture between angst and comedy, which are usually difficult to assimilate together. It was funny tho, and I liked the gang :) Okada Junichi's acting was good, and Sho-kun was terribly adorable (Bambi!) XD Plus it made me love A day in our life :)


Gokusen 1&2 **

I don’t really have much to say about Gokusen XD I don’t remember anything truly remarkable from this series. I mean, I’m not an Akame fan, so Hayato/Ryu wasn’t that much for me LOL. And, well… I got bored, sometimes. Or maybe more than sometimes… XD



Kimi wa Petto *****

Thumbs up for MatsuJun! He made me want a dog pet more than I’ve ever done (and, believe me, I’ve been asking for a dog nonstop since I was little and could speak). This is one of those dramas I could watch over and over and over and over ♥


Stand UP!! ****

I like fresh doramas like this. And yay! for teen Johnnies. I mean, in a high percentage they surely acted as themselves :D



Full House (K-Drama) ****

The first drama I watched from beginning to end. Actually, I tried watching that Taiwanese low-budget drama supposedly based on Marmalade Boy, though I couldn’t stand it… but then I stumbled on this wonderful series and fell in love with it. I don’t give it 5 stars because Lee Young Jae always gets me mad and stressed LOL

Minami-kun no Koibito ****

Aw, Nino is such a sweet boyfriend! ♥ I really had fun watching this :3 They were both so adorable I don't have words to describe it *__* It reminded me so much of Midori no Hibi~



Hana Yori Dango 1&2 *****

I got really hooked on this last summer (2009). I mean, HYD is one of this few doramas I could watch over and over again without getting tired of it. The plot is very simple, yet it has really funny and well-done scenes, and the characters are really well developed. Plus it is utterly cute and adorable, and Domyouji is just fabulous XD

Nobuta wo Produce ****

At first I had kind of a bad time watching this, because when I was her age I was pretty much like poor Nobuko… but hey! It’s Pi going crazy and almost kissing with Kame. Akira shock! And I actually liked Kame in this (of course, I loved Akira the most, but well). Gotta watch it again, mi amigo! Kon-kon!



Gachi Baka ***

Though I started watching this dorama only for the Tegomass fight in ch.3, I ended loving it. It’s like a mixture between My Boss, My Hero and Gokusen. And, even if I like Gokusen, I must say that Gachi Baka is much better. At least, its realism beats all the Yankumi stuff. All hail Gondo Tetta!

Goong (K-Drama) *****

OMG! I could speak about Goong for hours without stopping! But for that purpose I already wrote this LOL. In a few words, Goong is perfect. It made me laugh, cry, fall in love (Yul-goon!)… And, most of all, in Goong I watched the first real kiss I ever saw in a dorama! THIS. Enjoy yourself!


Kurosagi ****

*drools at Pi and his costumes* After Proposal Daisakusen, this was my second Pi dorama, where I really discovered his awesomeness. G-R-E-A-T. The single thing I felt it lacked was more interaction between Pi and Maki. That’d have been awesomecakes ♥ Hidden occasional Yamaki fan.


My Boss, My Hero ***

Wotaaaaaah! LOL I just remembered that, never mind. So, I really loved Nagase in this, so lolarious. And it made me cry at the end. Yes, it made me cry, because the friendship and understanding Sakaki’s classmates showed to him is just what I desired when I was at high school. But the main point is that it was funny and I liked it XD

Princess Princess D ***

I must say this had a very shady atmosphere. I mean, what’s with the dresses? Why is everyone so gay? And why’s Saito Takumi so porno-character-like in this I say, Saito-sama’s always like that, but here especially? I think it’ll always remain as a mistery. By the way, what a great op.


Tatta Hitotsu no Koi **

Two stars and a half, let’s say. The first chapter was weird and I didn’t get Kame’s character at all. But after some months I decided to continue with chapter two and it got really better :) However, the ending would have been better if it was sad. All in all, I eventually came to like Hiroto somehow. And this song is good.



Hanayome to papa ***

Junno was totally handsome in this dorama, and it made me love him even more, so three stars for him! ♥ However, there was something about Ishihara Satomi’s character I didn’t like so much, and well, though I liked it, the story was no big whoop.

Happy Boys *

This is one of those doramas you should only watch if you have a lot of free time or, as in my case, you are a big KenKen fan. I mean, it isn’t really interesting. If you go for the cuteness, there you also have Setomaru, Kato Keisuke and Shindo Gaku. But there’s nothing more to look for in this dorama XD

Proposal Daisakusen **

The second J-Drama I watched after Hana Kimi. As usual, Nagasawa Masami is expendable. I don’t know why she still gets contracts. And, to tell you the truth, even when this was the first time I watched Pi, it wasn’t love at first sight. I’ve always thought he’s handsome, but after watching this I got the feeling that he was kind of… slow, dull… I don’t know XD Besides, towards the end the story just got sort of unbearable. Even so, I must mention the theme song, which fitted perfectly with the story.

Renai Shindan ***

Though I started watching this for Shiozawa Hidemasa (btw, where’s he? ToT), who stars in the second story, the one I liked the most in the end was the fourth one, with Kawai Ryuunosuke and Kumai Kouhei. It was nearly as touching as LF, though the characters weren’t really that good… but still OMG. My heart even skipped a beat at the end.


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e *****

HANA KIMI DAISUKI!!!! *flails madly* Yep, this was the first J-Drama I watched and also the first time I watched a Johnny acting. So, you guessed right, Toma was my first crush in JE! And there are many actors I started loving too thanks to HK: Oguri Shun, Mizushima Hiro, Horikita Maki, Yamamoto Yusuke… [ More babbling here. ] And I just have to share this video ftw.

Yamada Taro Monogatari ***

If Takako didn’t make me feel so embarrased with her attitude, it would have been better. Nino was as lovely as always, and Sho made me fall for him like for the fifth time already. And yay! for the costumes they had to wear LOL Bonus star for the kids, even though Koharu-chan from My Girl pwns them all in cuteness.

Sushi Oji! **

It was the first drama I translated into Spanish for AsianProjects. It is, seriously, one of the weirdest doramas I've ever seen. Seriously, sushi combined with martial arts and a guy saying "I'll kill you!" to a dead fish? What?! Luckily, though, the dialog lines are pretty short, so it was easy to work with, LOL.

Yukan Club ****

The actors made a great team, I could feel it. It was very amusing to watch and re-watch ^^ There were some memorable episodes, like the one with the old woman and her dolls or the one in which Koyama appeared. And Bido's scenes have no price, really XD The fourth star was for Junno and Yoko dressed as brides~



Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata ***

Totally cool and cute and funny at the same time! It’s always nice to re-watch; the opening and the pairings are great ♥


Last Friends **********

I would give this dorama ten stars if possible. Shit, I’ll give it ten stars because it deserves them and more. Seriously, this is a piece of art. The only unnecessary thing in LF is Nagasawa Masami. I know she plays the main character, but I just hate her since Proposal Daisakusen, and I think she’s just, as we say in Spanish, una pava (a silly thing). On the other hand, Ryo is God. You get to fear him, really. And the rest of characters in this drama are real heroes, too. Even though I didn’t cry as many people sure did, it was still terribly touching. Definitely my favourite and a must-see for everyone.

Prepare yourselves for the best dorama opening ever.

Tokyo Ghost Trip **

I watched this in Japanese with no subtitles, so I can’t really tell you much about the plot LOL I just can say that I nosebleed a lot back then. Too many ikemen together. I should watch it again soon XD. OP song!

Zettai Kareshi ***

As a great fan of Watase-sensei’s work, at first I was disappointed with the changes they had made in everything. It clearly wasn’t the same story. However, Mizushima Hiro and Hayami “Am I sexy?” Mokomichi made it up for me, and in the end it wasn’t that bad. Though poor Night ;___;


Code Blue ***

The more I watch Grey’s Anatomy, the more I realize this dorama wasn’t original at all, even if it was quite good. However, three stars for the hottest doctor ever, Aizawa-kun! ♥ Pretty good ED!

Yasuko to Kenji ***

Ohkuraaaaaa~ *drools all around*. Mabooooooo~ *drools again*. What else? It was funny and entertaining at the same time, and the ending wasn’t completely bad. Plus Tabe Mikako’s character wasn’t as embarrassing as in YTM.

Maou ****

My, my, what a drama. It suits the word "drama" so well. The plot was brilliant, and Riida and Toma did a great job with their respective roles. It was really sad and heartbreaking, I loved it♥



There were great scenes, Yamamoto Yusuke’s hotness, Maru wasn’t bad, half-naked bodies, and in the end it was just normal, and Massu rawr. I loved the theme song by KAT-TUN and every time I saw a fire track my mind automatically played that “Running ah~ I’m running~ running ah~ I’m running~” part XD I liked it, but there are better doramas out there. Anyway, renjas for you all!


Konkatsu! **

This dorama has only two stars for a pair of simple reasons: 1) Tat-chan being a gay hairdresser in his adorable checked trousers and 2) My first subbing project for AsianProjects as a corrector. As for the rest, the story was really slow and quite boring, with nothing really remarkable. I’ll keep it on a DVD just because of my little contribution, of course ^^

The Quiz Show Golden ***

The plot was amazing and Sho and Yoko were superb with their sexy things, so it was quite enjoyable. But in the end it was too far-fetched. And, for God’s sake, how can I take it seriously when Yoko’s eating his snot in my screen? Here, have some faildance!Sho. And Yoko’s version XD.

Majo Saiban ****

This is a very, very, very good dorama: it has great actors, great music and a great story. And I really loved the end. But (here it comes) it loses a bit of credibility when you see a person that cut their wrist with half a broken button almost dying in the hospital from bleeding five minutes after. Hello? What was that?


Buzzer Beat *****

Definitely my favourite in 2009! I just can’t get enough Naoki x Riko love ♥ It was like doki-doki all the time *_____* The realism of the characters made it very easy to empathize with them, and the passionate kisses were the icing on the cake. And the music totally flowed with the scenes ♥ [ More posts. ]

Here you have an amazing piece, ‘cause I just adore it!

Orthros no Inu ****

It was kinda weird at the beginning, but the final episodes were so amazing o.O And I cried my eyes out when Ryo said “onii-chan” in the last episode, though… what’s with that final? *spoilers*Death or not death?*end of spoilers*


My girl **

This is certainly the first dorama that has made me cry from happiness or at least something that’s not sadness… ‘cause, really, I was just suddenly crying while watching the first episodes and I don’t know why LOL The only thing I know is that Koharu-chan’s the most adorable creature ever, I swear. I only wish she had called Masamune ‘Papa!’ at some point... D’awwww, isn’t she cho kawaii? ♥

0 Goshitsu no Kyaku *

Actually, I didn't watch the last four episodes, but I guess that's enough. It wasn't a really good drama, but it has Yoko dressed as Willy Wonka and the episodes feature various johnnies, so it's okay to fill in some free time XD



Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ****

Don't expect too much of this if you're a Yamanade manga/anime fan. Expect it if you like watching doramas with dokidoki scenes, paranormal stuff, friendship and love and four hot guys fighing half-naked in a pool, because this dorama is perfect for that. Although at first I wasn't very convinced with the choice of actors, I must say they did great. I really enjoyed watching it, so much that it got four stars! ♥

Tokujo Kabachi!! **

Who said watching dramas isn't useful to study? I learned a whole lot of law vocabulary with this one! And watching Sho failing as ever and Maki being extremely cute, what else could you ask for? Besides, and this is just a minor spoiler that makes it more interesting, they kiss at the end! :3


Sunao ni Narenakute ****

The first thing that caught my attention about SunaNare were the actors. The second, the makers. The third, the plot. And all of that, as I imagined, resulted in a wonderful, emotional, angsty, human drama. However, there are some buts to it. Apart from it being really similar to Last Friends in some things, which I'm not saying is bad, some characters became increasingly annoying *cof*Doctor*cof* and the end, if I had to put it in one word, was lame. But I generally loved it and it really touched me, so it'll remain among my second-line favourite dramas ever ♥


At last, Shige! This drama is comical and angsty at the same time, which I really like. I think the script is cleverly written, and I enjoy the vibe the director gave it and the way he uses the camera. Somehow, it reminds me of Tarantino's movies. The characters are quite solid and it keeps you in supense until the end, which makes it very interesting overall, so I recommend it :)

Kaibutsu-kun ***

LOL, Riida. With monsters (and Mabo in a tub). And dressing like a kid when you're almost 30. While being totally awesome, that is~ It's a really sweet drama, funny and full of good values plus you were so cute. I enjoyed watching it :D


Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku ***

Ahh, I really needed a new Jun drama~ And this one was so cute ♥ As expected, it was a fresh love story, plus it had a lovely kid and a beautiful adolescent girl discovering love (Taiga, I mean xD). And the insert song and op were so good, too (LR!) *.*


Freeter, Ie o Kau ***

Ah, this drama really touched me. I was going through a hard time, morally speaking, when I watched it, and perhaps that's why I found it to be such a good drama. Nino's character, Seiji, is pretty much like himself in real life (I think lol), and it's really easy to sympathise with him, so you can feel his struggle with life very close. The only thing it lacked (which didn't satisfy me that much, so I didn't give it four stars, tho it certainly deserves them), was more direct love scenes with him and Chiba-san. I mean, I expected at least a hug between them >.< All in all, though, if you love angst and human stories, Freeter is an enjoyable drama (with a nice op & ed).

Doramas I’m watching ATM



Yoiko no Mikata




Nodame Cantabile

Ueno Juri and Eita. That's what caught my attention at first, cause this pair always works so good together in dramas. But then, after watching the whole drama and being currently watching the SPs and movies, I must admit this Tamaki Hiroshi is a damn good eye candy. Drooling apart, I found this drama to be so cute and amazing at the same time. I already loved classical music, but watching this made me realize what really is behind music, what it can mean to people, and now I respect musicians even more :)




Okay, I know this hasn't even started airing yet, but I'm so excited! >.< I mean, c'mon, it's Aiba & cocktails! If that isn't a hot start to 2011, I don't know what is! XD And it has Kanjiya Shihori as the female lead, which makes it even more amazing 8D

Doramas I’ve put off/gave up watching



Delicious Gakuin **

Anyone knows if Gekiuma has finished subbing it? At this rate I’m getting white hair before I finish watching this -.-u


Utahime *

I’ve tried watching it, but for the moment I prefer to watch another doramas first :S


Worlds Within (K-Drama)*

I was translating this into Spanish for AsianProjects, but then I got busy and someone else finished translating it for me. The truth is I didn’t really like it. I didn't get what was going on most of the time :S (in fact, if I didn't give up earlier on this project was because of HYUN BIN. Yes, him, because nothing else was interesting enough for me to watch with enthusiasm).



Kami no Shizuku

Yeah, no stars XD. This really shouldn’t be here, but I downloaded the first episode RAW and skipped through it, so I guess I can give kind of an opinion: most boring dorama ever. 


Karei naru Spy *

I only watched half of the first episode and deleted it from my hard disk some weeks after, because I was just putting it off forever. Sorry, Nagase, I really tried but… it isn’t convincing at all XD.



Cutest Tacchon ever? YES. Semi-naked Yasu? YES YES. OhYass interaction? YES YES YES. But the plot is not really that interesting and I didn’t get hooked on it, so I’ll finish watching when I don’t have anything else to watch.

Tokyo DOGS

No stars again. Although the Mizushima-Oguri tandem calls my attention, I haven’t watched anything yet XD Besides, I deleted the first episode because I needed more disk space LOL



Code Blue 2

C'mon guys, how about making something different to Grey's Anatomy? Things were getting more interesting in this season, but still I didn't feel like watching it till the end -.-u


JOKER: Yurusarezaru Sousakan

I downloaded the first episode and browsed through it XD They say it's Ryo's drama, and he does appear in the banner, but was it me or he just appeared almost at the end of the episode? And what was with that hideous outfit? LOL I know it has the ever marvelous and almighty Tuti in it, and it must be awesome, but for whatever reason I don't feel like watching it now at all :/

Unubore Deka **

I watched it up to episode 6 or so. It was hilarious (even though the plot wasn't that good), and Nagase Tomoya and Ikuta Toma are in it, but somehow I totally lost my interest :/ I may finish watching it if I suddenly feel like it XD

Doramas I’m planning to watch/looking forward to next season



Ikebukuro West Gate Park

I was going to watch this for the barely-15-year-old Pi, but after finding that Nagase Tomoya and Kato Ai are on it, I think I have more reasons. Besides, the plot looks interesting.



Long Love Letter

I admit I have a thing for teen!Yamapi, okay! I ADMIT IT!



Water Boys

Only the first season. Because I wanna get some good but too skinny, I know views.



My name is Kim Sam-Soon (K-Drama)

HYUN BIN! HYUN BIN. Me needs moar.

Gekidan Engimono: Ishikawa-kun Gosan-shi

Seriously, man. After THIS, how can I not watch it?


1 litre no namida

To tell you the truth, I’m reserving this for when I want to cry XD Even though Ryo’s dramas usually have that impact in me, I have the feeling this will be even worse LOL



Happy! 1&2

One of the few Junno doramas, and also with Aibu Saki on it… I’ve wanted to watch this for a long time, but I just haven’t had the time to yet XD



Fuma no Kojiro

Some Tenimyu actors are on it, and seems interesting~



Hachimitsu to Clover

I intend to watch as many Toma doramas as I can get my hands over, and this is one of them. Also, I adore love triangles between students, they’re always so angsty and stuff~



This is in my list just because I want to give an opportunity to Seto Koji’s acting. I already watched the film based on this story, and instead of making me cry it tired and freaked me out. I mean, it was like a corny Mexican soap opera condensed in two hours. Horrible. But, anyway, I want to see if Setomaru can change my mind :)


Ryusei no Kizuna

I’m watching this for Ryo and Nino, though I’ve heard Hina’s gf ruins it all. Whatever XD



Boys Over Flowers (K-Drama)

The Japanese version wasn’t enough! I seriously want more F4! :3 Besides, a bit of Korean hawtness is never harmful~

Love Shuffle 

Seems nice, and I miss Matsuda Shota from HYD.


Oh yes, I need more Toma. Sure. And Eita. And I miss Yuyan too.

Hissatsu Shigotonin

Higashiyama, Mabo and Ohkura ♥ If they ever finish subbing it, I’ll watch it~


Atashinchi no Danshi

I need to watch more Horikita Maki doramas while I wait for Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. Besides, Yamamoto Yusuke and Seto Koji are on this. Do I really need any more reasons to watch it?


Jun's dramas are always nice to watch :D


Samurai High School

I’ll watch when I’m in the mood for some Shirotan =D 



Shinsengumi Peace Maker

Furukawa Yuta, Yanagishita Tomo and Araki Hirofumi star in this, and I miss my Tenimyu boys.



Ah... Yamamoto Yusuke wearing tights...

Do you have any recommendation? Go ahead!
kweildingkweilding on March 6th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC)
I recommend hammer session its fairly short drama but interesting to watch